EndyMed Pro

The Magic Skin-Tightening Wand

Our EndyMed is used to target areas of concern such as under-eye, brow, chin and neck and certain parts of the body. The goal with EndyMed is to give you an improvement in the texture and elasticity of your skin. It is important to keep in mind this procedure is meant to make an improvement in your skin, not to replace surgical procedures. Radio Frequency (RF) is an advanced technology that safely heats the collagen in the skin. When sufficient energy is delivered the collagen will contract and trigger a second process of new collagen production. As a result, this collagen remodeling is tighter and younger looking skin! Treatment plans are based on each person and range from 6 to 12 sessions coming for treatment one week apart.

Radiofrequency improves acne scarring, wrinkles and stretch marks. Intensif handpiece by EndyMed combines micro-needling with radiofrequency to penetrate the skin in a much less invasive fashion compared to fractional skin resurfacing targeting acne scars, stretch marks and deep wrinkles in any skin type. The Intensif treatment, triggers the skin's natural response to heal itself, lending to an improvement in skin's laxity and smoothness.

The Intensif rejuvenates the skin, reviving new collagen production by delivering consistent energy (radiofrequency) through an array of gold plated micro-needles. You will experience minimal downtime post treatment and can see mild redness which can last up to one day post treatment.   To treat fines lines and texture, 1-3 treatments are recommended and 3-5 treatments are needed for acne scarring, 4-6 weeks apart.

Intensif is FDA cleared.